Why compromise when you’ve worked this hard for your dream home?

POV: Spending your weekends at open homes. Finding nice enough homes in older, established areas that could almost work for you … except that you’ll want to change the kitchen straight away. Then there will be 2 x bathroom renovations to budget for in the next few years, instead of the big holiday. You were hoping for higher ceilings. The timber floors are not your favourite colour and it will be a mission to change them. The layout doesn’t quite work, but you could always move a wall to make it work. And so on.

OR you could buy a blank canvas and plan something that works for you straightaway so you can move in and start living!

Starting with the location, select your perfect block of land in your brand-new neighbourhood off the plan. From here you can compare lot sizes, frontages and proximity to amenities. Want to be in walking distance of the park or local school? Want your backyard to face North? Would you pay a little more to have a view of the golf course? Are you looking for spaciousness or perhaps a smaller block for lower maintenance? Buying off the plan means you can choose a block that is in just the right spot right for you.

Next, head straight for the nearest Display Village! You’ll quickly see that you can achieve your dream home much sooner when buying new.

Here are some of the top reasons why it just makes sense to build new.

  1. New homes have a modern layout that suits the way we live today, rather than an outdated floor plan from decades ago.
  2. Choose your own colour scheme, appliances and finishes yourself! Don’t spend your budget paying a premium for someone else’s taste, that you are only going to replace after moving in – once you can afford to.
  3. Choose your own builder and know what you’re getting. Make sure your investment is built to a high standard of quality.
  4. A modern home with new appliances is far more energy efficient. You’ll notice the lower running costs, and you’ll have the new appliance warranty period to boot.
  5. Take energy efficiency a step further and integrate smart technology in your home with smart appliances and home automation.
  6. Design a home with enough workstations and study nooks for each person, whether this is to suit working from home, weekly homework tasks or simply sorting out the life admin.
  7. No more squeezing your arm behind the bed or crawling under the desk to access the power points. Design your own electrical plan. It sure makes life easier when you have the right number of power points installed in the right places.
  8. Newer homes need fewer repairs and less maintenance. Enough said!
  9. You will have so much fun inspecting display homes, gathering ideas and then designing your very own dream home with your chosen builder.
  10. Make your entertaining space work for you, whatever that looks like for you and your friends/family, be that a swimming pool, fire pit or quiet place to watch a movie.

At Coral Cove, we work closely with Local and National builders and are here to help point you in the right direction.  Reach out to Sonia on 1300 267 250 to discuss lots currently available and for some local knowledge as to where to find the best display homes!