Home is where the heart is. It might be an old saying but one that rings true for many, even more these days as we choose to spend more of our time here be it for work or just a space that offers comfort and solace. With this in mind you want to make sure you design and style your new home to suit you and your needs.

Here’s a few tips when thinking about styling your new home.

Discover your style

Whether it is online through Instagram or Pinterest or in person walking through your local homewares stores or display home village take the time to explore and work out what your preferred style is and what suits your lifestyle.

Colour Scheme

Making the right colour choice can significantly impact the overall style and flow of your home. Whilst colour is much more on trend than it has been in the past, it is still worth consider a neutral base and adding pops of colour from here to add character to each space. This allows you to change these accents much easier as the years go on and you want to refresh the space.


Choosing the right furniture is essential for a comfortable and well styled home. Make sure to consider the room dimensions, the natural flow of movement throughout the home and how you’ll use these pieces and if they can or will be used for multiple purposes.

Textures & Patterns

Adding different textures and patterns to your home can quickly elevate the space. Whether it is a rug, throw, cushions or tiling choice you can mix and match different textures in contrasting or complimentary tones to create depth to the space.


Designing your home to make the most of natural light not only saves on energy costs but also illuminates the space often giving it that fresh air feeling. Avoid heavy curtains or blinds and place mirrors strategically to capture and spread the light throughout. Make sure you also consider your light fixtures as whilst they might create a beautiful ambiance you want them to be functional too.

Wall Décor

Whether it’s family photographs, a favourite artwork, decorative mirrors, clocks or tapestries wall décor can not only add the pop of colour to a room you are after but also adds that personal touch.


From the layout of your home to the furniture pieces you include storage is so important and helps to keep the home clean and clutter free. In the design stages you might want to include under stairs storage, a butlers pantry, draws in your island bench or large cupboards in the laundry. When furnishing the home think shelving and stylish baskets to keep things orderly or out of sight.

Indoor Plants

There’s nothing like bringing the outdoors indoors in terms of greenery and indoor plants. Not only do they provide some wonderful health benefits but they can add a touch of colour to a room or even a beautiful smell of fresh herbs to your kitchen and fragrance to your next meal

No matter what choices you make, remember this is your home; the style, furniture and functionality should all be chosen to suit you and how you use and live your everyday life.